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Bill & Danlin

When Bill Simmons first met Danlin, he was a rebellious 10-year-old. Six years later, Danlin credits Bill, his Big Brother, for turning his life around and keeping him focused on school and athletics. Once on the brink of real trouble, Danlin spends his time playing (tennis) and doing homework. He works hard to keep up his grades so he doesn't have to explain himself to Bill.

Danlin's sentiments echo those of many Littles when he says, "Most of my friends think that athletes and movie stars are their heroes. Not me. My real life hero is my Big Brother, Bill"

Danlin isn't Bill's only fan; he was named 2006 Big Brother of the Year for the State of California.

Larry & Landon

Larry Galuppo and Landon have been matched for four years through our site-based program in La Quinta --and they have loved every minute of it.

"Larry makes me feel like he's my real family, and that he'll always be with me," says Landon of his Big Brother. "He very patient and smart and teaches me new things. I feel like a really lucky kid."

Landon is not the only one having fun. "I feel truly blessed that this young man has come into my life," says Larry.

"My biggest joy is that Landon has accepted me into his world and genuinely appreciates my continuing encouragement and support with all facets of his life - from homework to enterprising endeavors such as fundraising for charitable causes."

According to Landon's mother, Trish Duarte, "Landon has not only had a mentor, but a true friend in Larry. He is blessing to us."

They are truly a perfect match, sharing common interests ranging from art to roses. They are working on developing another interest, as Larry introduces Landon to the sport of golf.


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